Self-organizing systems are a significant part of the world around us. Yet, most curricula at the K through 12 level only tangentially introduce topics of interdependent systems in biology class. Some might argue that these topics are too complex for children. We at IforAM disagree. We suggest that curriculum and museum exhibits, like the one below, can introduce kids and adults to these fundamental ideas in a fun and entertaining way. With such exhibits we intend to augment K-12 education so that secondary education will have an easier time teaching our young adults how chemistry, physics and biology actually work in the physical world. It’s never too early to teach kids the concepts they’ll need to truly appreciate the interdependent distributed world we live in.

As such, IforAM is intent on designing museum exhibits and curricula that introduce these real world concepts to children in the K-12 grades. We are currently working with The Tech Museum in San Jose to design and build a series of exhibits devoted to the concepts that shall underpin our future understanding of our world. We intend to give our children a head start.

Following from the mission above the video below introduces a schematic design for a potential museum exhibit. Currently, it’s intended to contribute to Bob Ketner’s Brain To Brain Proposal at The Tech in San Jose, CA. If it is not selected, we intend to work with both The Tech and others to refine the design for future submissions.
The Brain To Brain exhibit, started by Bob Ketner, Virtual Community Manager at The Tech, can be found here. Please feel free to comment on our proposal and schematic exhibit below.

The above video also contributes to a further understanding of our own work here at IforAM. See The Difference Between Digital and Neurons video here for related information.

Below is a very schematic sketch of how the above concepts might actually be implemented in a real exhibit. Click on image to leave a comment, which are encouraged, or enlarge.

Possible Brain to Brain Exhibit

Possible Brain to Brain Exhibit

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